Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Scream, You Scream, We All Screamed...

For Corn On The Cob!


You probably thought I was going to say Ice Cream, right? There is some of that mentioned here.

Hubby's family as I have mentioned in the past lives in and around Jersey, New York City, and on Long Island. One of our favorite trips out is to the north fork when the season peaks for seafood and fresh vegetables. We all start gathering from May until August for these kinds of family celebrations that are laced with good fresh local grown food, and fun.

I was pretty excited to make my first batch of homemade ice cream in this old hand-crank version I bought at a flea market recently for only a dollar. Oh the memories attached to these!

Some fresh bought ingredients, lots of thinking on what kind of flavor, a soft shell crab dinner, and my hubby's birthday made this an exciting bargain for me.

Did I just hear someone say "Who wants to do this the old way, when we can buy a new version". Well its not about convenience here; its about quality time, and keeping memories alive. I cannot tell you how many times I sat on my mom's ice cream bucket, and took turns cranking it with family members. Oh, the thought of creamy delight right out of the bucket is something to scream about!

Hubby and I took turns cranking/churning, and it only took thirty minutes from pouring in the mixture to the finished product! Of course I made the cooked custard the night before, and chilling it helps to set the ice cream faster.

They say that if grandpa can't turn it anymore, then its got to be ready!

No time for pretty photos on this trip (you get a peak at my pretty PJ's, and chubby ankles, he he), as we were running all around the North Forth of Long Island visiting hubby's family. My friend Gen tagged along with me, and we gathered ingredients for his birthday party.

Fire up the grill for the lime, basil, butter basted corn, orange marinated Long Island Duck, and Bourbon Salmon to accompany the rest below...

Soft shell crab season begins in May and ends in July (depends on location, some may end earlier). The prices surprised me, and usually the medium to small size are available to the public. Restaurants get first pick of the larger varieties...

I flash fried the soft shell crabs in some beer batter, and then it was drizzled with sweet pineapple/pepper sauce; served over rice, and along with Insalata caprese...

Oh, and that 'Butter Boy' is one of our favorite table conversation pieces...Donna-FFW would love to be in on that conversation...

With some help, a few bottles of Long Island wine, friends and family, and some good food, we three hubby a great shindig!

Oh, and we tried the Honey Apple Cinnamon Custard/Ice Cream two a bowl with chocolate cinnamon cookie crumbled in the bowl, and as sandwiches with oatmeal raisin cookies.

Did I mention a pie? Oh my...

Honey Apple Cinnamon Custard/Ice Cream

6 medium granny smith apples, peeled, cored, and cut into pieces
(splash of lime into bowl of water while cutting apples)
1 cup honey
1/2 cup apple cider

Cook until tight, cool, and then add to cream mixture below once heated.

6 eggs, beaten till fluffy
1 half gallon of heavy cream
1 cups brown sugar, or sugar will do

On stove begin to heat cream, and add eggs and sugar, cook for about twenty minutes on medium heat; add apple mixture, and blend well; remove and place in container to remain in refrigerator over night. Stir, and then place in ice cream maker. Crank until ice cream freezes.

You may follow any ice cream recipe, but I studied a few and came up with my own version. Once the ice cream froze I placed the bucket into the freezer. I had read that if you freeze the mixture it will not be as good, but we found left for the day, and eating after dinner it was fine. Even the next day it still was just as good. I packaged up some for guest to take home.