Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mini Christmas Maple Pancakes

For my last '12 Days of Christmas' Food ~ Wine ~ Fun! post I will tell of how the Ghost of Christmas Future came to me while I was shopping...

To say the least we have so many nieces and nephews with all of eight siblings on hubby's side of the family to shop for. Not to mention two grandmothers, and siblings that exchange names. So, we love that '' site, and even ask for gift certificates to satisfy our 'we hate holiday malls, and parking lot' attitudes. Plus it did not help that my husband has been out of town with work, and I was sick for over a week! Thank goodness for the internet...

Well while I was surfing the net with my list at hand, I heard a faint moaning. I knew the ghost would pop up at some point in my holiday finale, but not being sure it was my tummy growling at all of the wonderful cookie and dessert posts from all the blogs I follow, or could it be I just did not feel well? Turns out it was the Ghost of Christmas future reminding me that I could help make my mother-in-laws job as a grand mother so much easier Christmas morning. Her house is stuffed to the max with presents and guest.

 [Grandma with her eleventh grandson, and mother]

Grandma Terri is getting older, and always works so hard for everyone each year.

Making sure we all feel loved, and sharing in the Christmas cheer!

As I was guided through pages upon pages of internet kitchen ware.

I stumbled upon these holiday waffle and pancake griddles with such a stare.

How fun this would be to surprise her with the set, since her and I share such a love to work side by side in the kitchen she would love these too I bet!

This year I hoped I would be soon back on my feet, so I could help flip these cuties, and serving them up so neat.

I hit the right keys and placing them in my shopping cart, said bye to my friendly ghost, and figured this was a good start.

We arrived at the family home on Long Island near the sound, and the morning of Christmas I made each and every person two or three rounds.

Of pancakes that is, and out of Grandma Terri's Joy of Cooking book. Maple was added to flavor them nicely. I had not ever made a recipe from this book, and decided I might  have to make a New Years resolution of following recipes from all my cookbooks. I do own quite a few hundred, or even more! Hubby's wonderful traveling doctor brother (pictured here) brings them to me from around the world.

John, you deserved the extra batch of pancakes!

Next year, since I always cook at least one meal while there, they all will get mini waffles...