Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Healthy Holiday Eating/RED Awareness

Do you find yourself looking for lighter and healthier eating alternatives in between holidays, but still are wanting a taco? You also want and need to curb your beef eating and high fat consumption? There are low fat and high fiber alternatives out there, you just have to adjust your taste buds and will power! There are also other matters of the heart I want to talk about before telling you about this dish.

While I already had this post ready, but seeing many of my blog friends participating in 'Cooking Red To Remember'; I wanted to do something. See, I was a hairdresser in my early twenties to support myself through college, raise my kids, and to get my catering business off the ground. My best friend since high school is also gay. So what this is leading to? I have seen first hand how this illness wrenches the life right out of everyone involved .

Hearts broken.

I also had a daughter who was born with CHD, another disease that affects so many. After loosing associates and clients to one disease I had to face another.

Spending fourteen years in and out of emergency rooms, oodles of medications three times a day, ICU units with her gave me an even closer look into the world of children having HIV/AIDS.

Hearts shattered.

Yes I might have lost my daughter to another disease, but it still squeezes your life. You fight to stand up, and you volunteer, you scream, you cry, you take those pieces and somehow mend your life back together. You become aware of things you think you might not ever see. Things change and you do something. So do something. My son just lost one of his best friends in St Louis to this disease, and I can still hear him crying today.

"Bill, I miss texting you jokes and pictures, and Aaron loved you like a brother" -E.

I made a batch of TVP Chorizo, sprouted some Munng beans, Quinoa, and fresh salsa (RED ribbon above is always in my house); it all ended up in the biggest bite of yum. My friend Lisa, her girls, and I wanted tacos. After a few days of eating the ingredients separately we blended all of this together and made a healthy version of soft tacos. I was quite surprised when Alissa and Alivia both loved them, and ate three total. We topped it off with some home made pico de gallo, sour cream, as well as green leafy lettuce. As I cook I talked to them about healthy mind, body, and spirit.

I adore these two girls, and we discussed the issue of how AIDS/HIV has affected the world. They agreed to keep themselves educated, and one day volunteer as I do to help raise money for causes like this. Our children need to hear and see us actively be part of the cure. Thank you Spinach Tiger for bringing this out there, and giving me a chance to speak out.
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