Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Red White and New Jersey Blue 4th of July Treats

Jersey Fresh Blueberry Smoothie Dreams

With a side kick that is… One of the benefits of running a health food café in the past was the orders for smoothies. I would whip up two or three in a row sometimes and if there was any left in the blender from cup overflow, I helped myself; it was a great way to keep yourself from going too long in between meals on a busy day without some nutrients.

Make one, freeze it- and take in a thermos to work- shoot, this weekend make a big batch for lactose free ice cream!

I was reminded of how abundant blueberries are from now until August by the woman in front of me at the market with six containers in her basket last week. They are easy to freeze, and make great little frozen goodies in place of ice in drinks.

Jersey Fresh Blueberry Dream Smoothie

4 oz Hemp Dream Milk, or Almond Plain Milk (I have allergies, so I stay away from Soy and milk, rice milk is too thin, but works great for sorbet)
-Freeze 2 oz in ice cube trays
2 oz frozen blueberries
1 oz frozen organic cherries
-(you can put fresh ones in freezer bags, push out the air, or flatten them, freeze over night)
1 teaspoon raw agave nectar, or honey (to me the cherries take care of the sweetness, I have gotten used to not using sugar)

No ice needed since you are using frozen fruit, add everything a little at a time into blender and voila!

I drink these in the summer as my mid afternoon snack, no dinner time because fruit turns to sugar if you eat it too late or after a heavy meal, and then sits over night. Best consumed morning, before or around 3 or 4 PM.

Full of Antioxidants, not to mention the wonderful properties in hemp and almond milk, try combining the two.

Hubby loves Mango, or if we share this one the weekend, I add some dark cacao pieces for a Blizzard!

I think I may even see blue berry popsicle's in our future...

More smoothie ideas from the New York Times-