Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Greens In My Pasta

This may not be a pretty plate of food, but its pretty on the palate. Also a great way to get the greens in with dinner. I saute collard, or a mixture of beet greens and other tops with red onion in some oil and butter, then add fresh tomato sauce. Louis my boss the owner of Amalthea Cellars down in south Jersey always preaches about simplicity of recipes. In his wine and on the plate. His mom, Maria and I work in the kitchen on recipes for the winery tastings, and for my music and poetry gathers he host for me. Tomatoes, basil, onion, salt and pepper are the only thing she puts in her sauce. Let it sit for a few days to meld the flavors. She is right, I have gone back to basics this past summer.

Want extra flavor, add some meatballs, as I have done, ground buffalo with veal.

One thing I have learned moving here to New Jersey, mixed meats make the best meatballs. I grew up on plain beef hamburger, the fatty cheap kind, maybe a few spices, but they were bland. My mother new how I felt, and did not mind when I kicked mine up a notch once I moved out, with garlic and spicy flavors. However she might even like the ones I have learned to make in the past five years.

Pasta is only eaten once or twice a month here in our house, with my not tolerating gluten so well, but I have found one made in Pittsburg, PA- Pen Mac whole wheat. This pasta does not taste like the old versions of whole wheat, and it looks white after cooking. I called them and asked when they would make a gluten free version, and the owner emailed me and said he would work on it. Evidently Pittsburg is quite the pasta and sauce making town. You can order their products on-line if you desire. I have had them sent as gifts to hubby's family.