Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Locavore Eating- End of the Summer Blues

Farmers markets, wine pairing, and eating local can go hand in hand. If you prepare yourself to feast upon its bounty, and except every bit of what you buy can be incorporated into a meal...then you can help keep your community sustainable.

Purchased: spring onions, beans, zucchini (Vegetable Marrow White Bush variety- creamy greenish color, oblong shape), other green vegetables, Elephant garlic, blueberries and lots of them! Duck breast and cut up chicken from Griggstown (only $1 more than whole), herbs, bread, and so much more!

Had on hand: fennel bulb, mustard, and all the rest of ingredients to make 'Blueberry Chutney' for desserts and sauce for the duck. Sad thing is...we will not see it again until next May.

Terhune Orchards has apple and other fruit available for fresh picking. This is where I got my blueberries for my sauce making, and 'Putting Up'.  I am making plans to jar and sell locally, along with some chili paste I have been selling by the half pound. I plan on staying in the kitchen professionally any way I can, but over the summer I formed a group called Red Dashboard, and we perform my writing, poetry, songs. I was in NYC on Saturday, after getting invited by a Lit Group- Caper Journal.

If you want to hear my work, you can come over to my Creative TMI blog and listen...we need lots of practice, and I am still in the gym (not happy with my body shape), but enjoy; it will only get better...