Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Arizona Farmers Market

I enjoy visiting Farmers Markets when we travel. I know, I said that before, but this one was really different. Because of the heat they have it in the late afternoon to night. I do not blame them, it was HOT! Over one hundred degrees daily while we were there. I have no desire to move back to Texas because of the heat- just visit my friends and ponder on the cacti. So many varieties.

So beautiful-

We had prickly pear candy and lemonade. Maybe I would turn into a Javelina. They like their prickly pears. I wanted so badly to pick some and bring them home, but they say you have to know when they are ripe. Throw in a handful of Chia seeds and you won't dehydrate-

I found it a bit sweet, but we added sparkling water to the mix and it worked wonderfully for a refreshing heat beater! I will share my market buys soon, I bought lots of fun things I have not cooked before, and have Spain posts to share.

Seems like there is so little time to do all the posting we have, right?