Monday, January 3, 2011

Lobster Bisque Meets Farro & Poblano

Seems like I should learn to go back to leaving the stems on the pepper for a nicer presentation right?

In order to do that you have to roast the outside of the peppers, then steam them in a plastic bag; remove the skins, and then stuff away.

Well, its so much easier to fill them with the filling and placing lobster tail pieces this way...

The last time I made stuffed peppers, I used what they call Italian peppers here in New Jersey, and stuffed them with slow cooked short rib meat, cheese, and pumpkin seeds. This time I used a quick version of lobster bisque cooked Farro. Absolutely Yummy! Another keeper recipe for my house.

Cut the lobster tails (this past year they have been only $5 dollars for four ounce tails, and simply enough per person for a dinner party, or casual eating) down the center underneath, and break open (gently, not to tear meat). Gently remove the tail meat and put aside. Just like a bisque recipe (my own as follows) calls for sauteed green onions, shallots in butter and oil mixture, then add shells for a few minutes; add vegetable or fish broth (will make broth from tails).

Then add Farro, pepper top pieces, garlic cloves (will soften while cooking), chopped sun dried tomatoes, and any other thing you might want to add. Normally you strain a 'real' bisque, but  this is a rustic version and will stuff a pepper, so no worries. Cook Farro about half stove top time; it will finish cooking in the oven when covered with foil (basically steams). Oh and remove tails, they have leached their goodness into filling mixture already, and shake off any bits. Don't forget the calorie maker, heavy cream.

Take lobster tails and cut into two pieces, long way. Press one piece down into pepper, and fill rest of the way with Farro bisque mixture. Lay them into pan, and cover with left over mixture. Cover baking dish with foil and cook in pre-heated oven, 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

Poblano peppers will soften (Italian and Anaheim's did not, Poblano you could not tell I left them on), even with skin they are perfection! A bit of heat still remains with veins and seeds removed, but the buttery Farro and lobster flavor is divine...oh divine...and we still have two more courses from New Years remaining...a break was needed for the guests.

Add a bit of more heavy cream if you like, but there is some left in the pan; it makes it extra buttery. Did I say this was by far my favorite stuffed pepper yet! Not sure how I can top this one...