Monday, January 17, 2011

Rib Roast/Prime Rib- New Year Day Finale

For a reason I cannot explain, I have never cooked a Prime Rib Roast on my own. So, there was a quest for the perfect New Years Day topper, and it would be Prime Rib.

I called on Nibble Me This and his 'Fire Roasted Beef Rib Roast' tips for some help. The Prime Rib called for more than just an oven baking, but screamed for a crusty smokey exterior and juicy interior.

Between Chris, his tips, and some research, the roast called for some indirect heat on my charcoal grill. I have smoked and grilled many times, so it made sense it would impart more flavor over the oven source. Packing up hard wood coals and Cabernet barrel wood chips (soaked in water) into a foil barricade that would sit to the left of the meat for indirect cooking (slow cooking-keeping the fire from being too close and over cooking the meat).

Following closely and using the Mississippi method for temperature control, I cooked the Rib Roast for almost two hours. The roast was approximate four and half pounds with the bones (two ribs) in place.  The interior was medium - medium rare, from outside in.

Our menu was- Collard greens and black-eyed peas, Mushrooms with horseradish cream and potatoes, and Prime Rib.

I agree with Chris, the 'Dino Ribs' were lip smacking good! ...and went with the mushroom horseradish cream and black eyed pea-collard green cooked in apple cider sides...did I say lip smackin; good?