Monday, January 31, 2011

Peanut Butter Creme Brulee

Or if you prefer, Pudding!

Jeanne @ The Raisin Chronicles requested I develop an easy recipe because her husband adores peanut butter, and so does mine!

With hubby traveling the past three months, I have lost some desire to put much effort into fancy desserts. Creme Brulee can be daunting cooking all those eggs over a hot bath. All this snow, I want the hot bath!

One weekend I whipped up some ganache style pudding made with dark chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate chips, heavy cream and orange zest. Poured it into a pan over nuts for some candy like dessert, and cooled it. When we sliced into it, well, it was like pudding (because I added too much cream); it did not set up. Very yummy, but it gave me an idea to alter my peanut butter pudding recipe for Jeanne.

I am not that fond of PB, but I have to say this recipe rocks. White chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, peanut butter, and heavy cream cooked over a water bath with egg yolks then blended smoothly together with rest of ingredients and chilled. Very rich too, so small portions. Hubby loved this. He loved them all, but this I have to say was far the easiest and tasted the same. Rich and creamy from the heavy cream too. Adding sugar on top and firing up your blow torch, you can still give it a creme brulee presentation to dazzle guests.

I have only three ramekins left, so I put the fourth portion into this vintage goblet. You could make six 1/2 cup sizes for portion control. Did I say rich?

Oh and I am delayed in getting to some of your blogs, maybe because of the snow every week, but also because I have been busy writing and with my new job with the gourmet food company. I will be there eventually...