Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sweet Potato Gnocchi Carbonara?

How can this be? Well I did not know what else to call it. Poetic License, creative license, who knows.

Traditional Italian Carbonara is tossed with eggs, cream, butter, Parmesan cheese and bacon, all in one smooth, creamy concoction over steaming fettuccine. So I changed a few things, and it was great with the horticot verts (cooked in veggie broth, onions, and garlic).

I traded bacon with prosciutto, added sun dried tomatoes, and used almond milk over cream (less calories), and made it gluten free with making sweet potato gnocchi (trade roasted sweet potatoes for regular in gnocchi recipe). I almost felt like we were eating loaded baked sweet potatoes, which I did bake them before making the gnocchi.

There has been a lot of baking going on in my kitchen the past few days. Gluten Free onion and cheese bread (slice on side of above plate) and black walnut and date bread with maple syrup glaze (Mary @ The Perfect Bite altered recipe). Since I did not give my neighbors or friends goodies, and was gone to MO, I decided to make them some after the holiday treats.

Hubby brings home bags of dates from Dateland, AZ when he goes to the base, so I decided to use them in some baking.We love these fresh dates!

I have been recovering from some oral surgery, busy with my book writing, and I owe Jeanne @ The Raisin Chronicles her peanut butter post, so that is coming up next!