Sunday, June 14, 2009

Texas Update

Growing up in Texas sometimes meant you had a great big bowl of beans, and a slice of hot buttery cornbread waiting for your supper, and that was not a bad thing. At least in my childhood memories any way...

Many a cowboy who suffered the long hard cattle trail looked forward to a meal like this!

Who does not like beans...well...I actually had a taste of my parents beans, and I still do not care for them; unless I decide to cook and perfect them in some wild shape or form...

'Thin plantains for dipping into the 'pinto gallos' later...'

I am keeping busy while visiting Texas. Staying out of the real heat...that's for sure! From teaching my friend about Costa Rican foods before her party last weekend, eating out at the never ending places that dot old Texas highways like tumbleweeds and mesquite used to, and the unending flow of gourmet markets that are providing me with great ingredients for some of our suppers...I imagine I will never stop, or drop.

'Slice plantains...fry...remove, and smash...fry again...'

This is just a peek into what is going on here at the hacienda in Little Elm, Texas...

'Pulled BBQ pork sandwiches for leftovers is not a bad thing either...'

'Cold watermelon on the patio is not so bad either...'

'A little piece of Tres Leches cake for a few birthday and friends...'

'Visiting with my old Texas Chef Association buddies, and my son's former boss at the country club, Micheal Scott...'

'...another good friend, and former associate in my catering business here, Michelle AKA The Cake Diva...'

'...and let me tell you about the cupcakes she baked for my birthday celebration...well, maybe next blog or two...'

'Lots of GOOD chips and salsa...and this was not taken in my light box...just a good sunny and hot day here...'

'Good seats at the Rangers Game that featured Ivan 'Pudge' Rodriguez breaking the world's record for Total Games Caught here tonight, and he also played for the Rangers before he was traded to the NY Yankees, but now plays for the Houston Astros...'

'...and it made the night even more special having good friends to celebrate with...'

Does that last photo seem blurry? Well, that is because I just wanted to give you a little taste of whats to come. This presentation has only been the icing on my tasty trip...

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