Monday, July 6, 2009

Cake Diva Creations

Yes there is a new blog in town, and she is a true diva!

Her name is Michelle AKA Cake Diva extraordinaire...

I requested that she make my birthday cake, and boy did she go all out. I posted a blurry photo of one of her cakes a few blogs ago, and now I am ready to reveal her creation. This cute little cake is a recipe of triple chocolate chip liquor batter with vanilla butter cream, and/or cream cheese frosting. Once you take a bite they melted in your mouth. My friends went nuts over her creation, and now are beating her door down to have some of their own!

Michelle visits many bakeries around the Dallas/Fort Worth metro-plex area to keep up on her competition. Her phone rang non-stop while were were hanging out on my Texas visit, and it seems she stays busy with pastry orders. She also is employed by a top rated market in her area, and has been given creative freedom to bake what I saw were gorgeous, and I imagine just as tasty (as my birthday) cup cakes!

Our History: We met nine years ago in Culinary school while I worked for the director of Culinary Arts/Hospitality Karen Musa. Michelle and I also attended classes together; which gave me an opportunity to hang out with her in my office, as well as sneak out for a lunch or two now and then.

Eventually when looking for an assistant I felt she would work well in my new catering business I was starting. Michelle need to do her internship in a real food invironment, and what a better way to do it than with moi! She is a hard worker and dedicated to her craft. We had lots of fun together, and man can she roll my Tex-Mex lumpias (she is part Phillipino)!

Right away I was told that she was more interested in pastries, but Michelle was willing to help me with catering weddings and parties until she reached her open her own M Patisserie business in the area. Now watch out pastry chefs, because her melt in your mouth creations are becoming very popular! Even some of my Texas friends have already tasted these yummy cupcakes she made for my birthday, and have asked me for her contact number.

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and are looking for creative ways to tell someone just how sweet they really are; then call 'The Cake Diva'...she is waiting with a sugary sweet smile...

Go over and take a bite out of Michelle's new blog...tell her Chef E sent ya!