Thursday, July 23, 2009

Southwest Foodservice Expo, 2009

Well I am back from a long weekend in Riverhead, New York. My hubby's step-mom lives in the area, and we always go out a few times each year. Normally she does not let me cook, because there are too many good restaurants and wineries to hit. We always have a good visit, but this time I got my way by telling her I wanted to hunt down some remaining soft shell crab for hubby's birthday surprise.

As I am reviving from all the bustle, and trying to get back into the groove of work this week... I thought I would share one last look back on my Texas Travels...

My friend Cheryl got excited when I told her I had bought tickets for us to go to a restaurant and food show in downtown Dallas, the Southwest Foodservice Expo. I explained to her I had not been in quite a few years, and this show would be an adventure for her if she went with me. Not sure if she was up for all the sales pitches, but I mentioned the array of food and libations we would get to sample. No lunch purchases, no reservations!

The minute you hit the door you are given a bag to place all your samples (non-edible) and sales literature in. After hitting the floor we made our game plan. Go to the right, and just go up and down each isle, around, and then make our way to the far left, and if we could move from all the food we ate we would head home.

Cheryl and I talk about the different equipment used in commercial kitchens versus private homes. She is in a culinary wonderland as she walks around with her mouth dropped to the floor at all the things she sees. These pulled sugar displays were something to wow at!

We talked about all the things she sees on The Food Network compared to what is around us. Awww its Elsie the cow!

...and Borden brought the baby along, but he was not too interested in saying hello...they would turn him around, and he would just turn and sit right back duty I guess!

I saw chef jackets that had my culinary school's logo, and asked if my old boss and culinary department director was here, Karen Musa. She heard my voice and turned around...

Students get credit for helping work in different food areas of the show, and also the school sets up a table to of my ex-duties when working for the department. There is also a competition for different chef's associations that allow students to help, and learn all at the same time...

Many food competitions are being held through out the three days of the show, and my good friend, Morris Salerno of The Grotto in Flower Mound is the winner of this years 'Best of the Southwest Pizza Competition'. His pizza was judged the best of the 14 competitors. Congratulations!

Many of the winners had already been judged for the day before we arrived, but it was still fun to look at what was left on the tables. There are also a few celebrities in the house...

Any Dallas Cowboy fans out there know who this is?

I always looked forward to going to the Expo when I lived in Dallas, but I guess I can always use it as an excuse to come visit again each year? Nah, my friends are a good excuse! Cheryl was tired when it was time to go, but she sure had a great time. We also love our massage pillows I purchased. One for hubby, and one for her early birthday present.

If you notice one in your area, and you do not work in the food service field, but know someone who does...well, see if they will take you. With the various education, food demonstrations, and competitions; it is an interesting and education experience for even just a foodie!

PS- Cheryl the samples have started coming in the mail...sorry you are not here to relive the moment...