Friday, September 18, 2009

Tennessee Hospitality

On my down to Texas I stopped in Virginia to pick up my childhood friend, Lisa. Before we headed to our reunion, we popped in on a fellow blog, Chris @ Nibble Me This in Knoxville.

Chris and his wife Alexis opened up their house to us with some real down home hospitality. Even Lisa felt like family when we sat down to the fabulous meal they made for us. Yes, Chris can smoked some kick butt ribs on that green egg of his!

Did I mention the 'Smack & Cheese' (my given name) they served us? Oh my gosh... we held him at gun point for that recipe! (over to the right, and I am making that tonight for my friends) Alexis and I share a love affair with heavy cream, and that makes everything so much creamier and less fattening (yeah right).

He made two flavors of ribs... A cherry dry rub, and a spicy dry rub... Oh and I forgot, Chris could you share the name of that cherry rub mixture for everyone on here, and so I can look for it while on the way back through.

I would have taken yours, but that freakin big container would not fit in mine or Lisa's purse!

Chris sent us off with some of his son's smoked bologna... We ate those in some sandwiches on the way down to the reunion.

We had a great time with Chris, Alexis and their son, and I hope I can repay their hospitality back soon! Are you and Alexis up to goat on the fire pit in Lisa's back pasture?

PS- Chris reminded me I made bread at Lisa's, and we took a loaf to his house...I am partial to my own cooking, so without bragging too much- it was good (was, since none was left after only a day of camping)!