Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lifes A Beach

I spent my birthday at the Jersey Shore yesterday. Ahhh, what a wonderful time I am having in life at 49. Friends took me out for my birthday Tuesday- see, they just inspire me to be the real me!

Alisandra came to the party- She is the Art Curator for The Straube Center, where Wine Art Music Poetry Project is being held August 21st, in Pennington, NJ. She is a sweetie, so young, but in many ways we have a lot in common. The WAMPP website is up, so come take a look! Have a few kinks to work out...

Would have helped if I thought of taking a photo before people started leaving, and Yes! I am being silly with our cardboard friend (Flora, my guitar teacher and friend joined in with me). Many of these are my poet and musician friends from my open mic. All wonderful friends indeed!

This is very hard for me to do this, but I wanted to let the world know that I am serious about losing weight. I did not grow up with a weight problem, I began the journey into self destructiveness after Anelisa died, and honestly, after all I have been through in my own family life growing up, being attacked in college, and her death, its a wonder anyone survives. I know there is so many others out there who maybe have gone through a lot worse, but we all have our battles. My life had changed so much this past year after my cafe closed, and the economy, even now I am starting more consulting jobs, and going with the flow in cooking classes- I am a survivor.

So this is the 'Before' photo- just wait till the 'After'! Brian my trainer is funny and loves to talk about cooking, so we make a great team-

This is my dear friend Pasqualle Varalo- he is a poet, a vet, and has been like a father to me the past two years. We spent my birthday at the Jersey shore reading poetry, walking; it was raining some, so I did not get great photos. Was a wonderful day; it all starts again tonight with Adrienne, and then with hubby this weekend. A week of birthday time.

Hubby is on software engineer 'military' duty out of town, so we will spend time together when he returns. He will get some good news besides a big hug and kiss- I was published, a new poem, 'Food Passion' in Referential Magazine-

A great gift, and lots of hard work over the past year honing my writing voice- Thanks everyone for keeping up with me, I adore you all!

Food post will resume Monday...