Monday, June 7, 2010

Strawberry Salad & Grenache

What says summer better than the fruit of the farmers hard work in the fields? Make sure you have at least one Garden Party, sharing some good food and wine with friends.

Strawberries season here only has a few weeks left. Seeing so many rhubarb posts and no chance to do something myself, I thought posting this would get me in on the strawberry wagon.

Simple Summer Salad- Spinach, sliced strawberries with a vanilla, sugar and water dressing (simple syrup, but a tad thicker with vanilla). Sprinkle on some poppy seeds and pecans, then you have yourself a great entertaining piece. Butter poached Lobster would even be good on this dish.

I had to opportunity to help with a wine tasting, the host does the main course and some of us can volunteer to help with other dishes. The theme tonight on these elegant plates was Pulled Pork, beer 'butt' chicken (Yuengling- well liked beer in Jersey), homemade BBQ sauce made with host canned tomatoes, roasted fingerling and Peruvian potatoes and squash, along with strawberry salad and my dessert (no photos it was melting too fast in the heat) of maple brown sugar glazed bacon, dipped in chocolate- frozen and broken up into home made ice cream. Second time I have made it for a wine tasting, and it is a big hit with the salty, maple flavor, and sweetness of the ice cream.

Was a great night, along with a Grenache Around The World Pairing and Education. Served here with the salad was Chateau D'esclans, 'Whispering Angel Rose', France 08. Perfect description in the name 'Whispering' hints of strawberries, subtle tones of red from stems and seeds added for the typical Rose blush coloring, and it paired with the salad perfectly.

The winemaker really knows his Rose, Patrick Leon, was the winemaker at Mouton-Rothchilds. This wine is a blend of the Grenache and Rolle grapes.

Price tag? Under $20 per bottle and chilled, it will be great for your next Garden Party!