Monday, November 22, 2010

Black Seedless Grape Tuna Tartare

In the mood for Tuna? Want to take tartare in another direction? While looking up recipes in my Asian books, there was a recipe using pears. I did not have pears, but I had lots of black seedless grapes the.They are sweeter, not the sour punch the green and purple variety can be at times. Let them sit and they just sweeten up as days go bye!

How in the heck do you crush grapes with out stomping on them? Hmmm, a tenderizer? Nooo, too messy. Use a plastic bag? No, would lose too much of the juice in the plastic. Look in the drawers for a lost gadget? Yes...

Viola! The garlic press; it worked beautifully. Used 12 or so grapes along with a dash of rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, shallots, home made chili paste, olive oil, salt, pepper, mashed roasted garlic, and a tablespoon of some fresh squeezed lemon.

Cut the more tender loin part of the tuna steak into small pieces, and let it marinate for about thirty minutes. Use the tougher, membrane ends of the tuna for searing after marinade. Serve with a three green salad- saute dandelions, Swiss chard, and kale with tomato bits, onion and shallots, a dab of mustard and roasted garlic. Adds a nice bite and flavor to some brown rice.

We love rare and raw fish in our house, but it is not recommended for pregnant person's and anyone with a sensitive stomach to eat fish and meat this way. You can marinate and then fully cook it through if you wish. I used sashimi grade tuna steak for this recipe, but there are still no guarantees. Buy fresh, and use immediately.