Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Date with an Endive

This may look like a chensy date, but not really- its packed with fresh ingredient flavor...

We love date or fig compote, along with goat cheese and almond spread on endive and served with arugala salad (dressed with lime and olive oil). There is just nothing more to say, except share the recipe...

Cut up dates, shallots, and saute together with a few tablespoons olive oil; add garlic, salt, pepper and chili powder, along with a splash of orange juice or apple cider; stir for a few minutes on med-high; then remove from heat, and continue stirring until thickens. Spread soften goat cheese onto endive, and then top off with the date compote.

Serve over arugula, or salad of choice.

Drizzle lime juice and olive oil onto entire dish; add tomatoes, or sliced apples (optional).

This batch I have wrapped with prosciutto San Danielle, serve with a Pinot Noir.

After having a horrible experience with a chain market's meat department recently (putting meat out that was horribly smelly and out of date), I have decided to only shop whole foods for my beef, poultry, pork and fish needs. I am also eating and cooking with uncured sausages by Nimen for my diabetic menu (not diabetic meats, but if you eat this way; it will save you weight and health headaches down the road). We also have had a lot more fresh fish, so many posts are filled with wonderful new recipes.

Can you dig Sweet Potato Crepes and Brussel Sprout-Apple Hash? Will tell you how it turned out next week!