Saturday, November 27, 2010

How About Some Chow and Chatter

I was so excited when Rebecca of Chow and Chatter announced she had developed her Apple App! No I wasn't, I was jealous LOL Yes, a little! but you know she is so cool to know how could I not go over and put it on my new anniversary prez. Hubby surprised me at our hotel when we returned from the youngest of eight siblings wedding (and final). I am learning how to use the new gadget, and downloaded her Chow and Chatter app on my iPod touch.

Hubby asked what it was for, and I said...when I send you to the store for ingredients for a meal you want, and you cannot get a hold of me. "What" he said. Yes sweetie when you want something special for dinner, or are just hungry you can go on her app, pick something out, and then the recipe and ingredients are right there! He still looked at me with a blank stare, and I said "Oh okay, then I will have it when I am out with you", and he began looking at it.

The app is so easy to use. Right at your finger tips are recipes, Rebecca's website (for reading when you have to wait in line), and so many possibilities for healthy meals when you cannot think of what you want on a minutes notice! I love her app, and am so happy to have it on my iPod Touch. Go check it out, and here is some other information below. OH, PS- its only $.99 to upload it!

After making some Lamb Barley Soup to get us through the weekend after the holiday eating, I am going to sit back, sip down some and play with the iPod Touch to see what I am making this week from her app!
 is proud to announce the release of its recipe app for the iPhone, and other compatible Apple products. It features a selection of the most popular global recipes from the food blog complete with easy instruction and pictures. The app comes with user friendly search options by cuisine, ingredient and by dish and allows you to email your favorites to friends or family. The app also has a link to the blog allowing you to enjoy reading it on the go.

Stay tuned for periodic updates complete with more mouth watering recipes making it a cooking application that will never go out of date. We invite you to treat yourself to the gift of learning new and healthy recipes from around the World, or gift it as a fun stocking filler to friends or family.
About Chow and Chatters Author

Rebecca Subbiah RD, SRD is a registered dietitian in both the UK and the US, a food blogger and radio host. Food and travel are her passions and through traveling hopes to inspire others to try new recipes from other countries that are healthy and easy to make.

Rebecca Subbiah RD, LDN, SRD