Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grilled Octopus Sandwich

Hubby and my son have always loved octopus in sushi, and prepared other ways. I however went towards the fried version with a spicy marinara. But in Spain I ate some of the freshest squid and octopus with my son and hubby's encouragement. What a delight. So I decided to buy some our local fish market. What would I do with it?

I decided pan grilling it would be fun, with a Spanish Sheep's milk cheese. Similar to a soft Goat's milk, and on grilled bread, then served with a salad. I recommend putting a brick on top when cooking. Otherwise they looked like dancing acts from a children show, and the tentacles shrivel up.

For show I put them whole on the bread, but I suggest you get out the cutting board and slice slice slice!

Octopus marinade (in a baggy overnight to tenderize)- I used this recipe for Greek Grilled Octopus on the internet, and it was quick. He was right, outside the fact I did not use skewers, a grill, or have a smokiness, but the marinade and grill pan cooking method rang through. I could see Nibble Me This trying this! I added fresh cooked Balela to the greens, therefor adding zing and more fiber.

Don't be scared off by the fact that this Greek dish requires whole baby octopus: