Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday- Sip & Tweet News

Yet another marriage made in heaven, and my cooking was not even involved.

Partners In Wine Club attended last Thursday's New Jersey Sip and Twit- Now unless you know about this, you are now asking yourself "What is a Sip and Twit"? Last week in Sweet, Sour, and Salty Rant- I spoke about being overwhelmed with social networking, well lets learn together, because this is the fun part where you can relax I did not mention.

Iron Horse Vineyards, Wine Twits and The Wine Loft partnered together to showcase wines from Iron Horse Vineyards at a Sip and Twit event in Long Branch, New Jersey. The event was a demonstration of a powerful union between social media, technology and wine enthusiasts all under one roof.

How does Sip and Twit work?

Wine enthusiasts gathered at The Wine Loft in Long Branch, New Jersey to sample some of Iron Horse Vineyards showcase wines. Tasters were able to tweet their wine tasting notes in real-time while posting to a designated hashtag- #sptwnj. Tweets were made visible on the large plasma screen at the bar area where hands on tweeter were present, and those in the global audience were able to view.

What was the outcome? One big viral conversation was taking place.

The event took place from 5-7 PM, and what a better way to express your passion about wine than by taking part in a new twist on the traditional wine tasting party. Wine enthusiasts from around the globe can now participate with only a couple of stokes of the keyboard or IPhone.

Hence your impressions are made known globally.

Just remember you don’t even have to be present at the event to partake, but you would miss out on the wine!

All you need is the designated hashtag (#) to follow and with a couple of retweets via your fellow Twitter friends the event becomes viral. It is becoming a powerful tool for the wine industry to market their portfolios.

A fellow blog was present and helped spread the word via Twitter- Jersey Bites

Showcased Iron Horse Vineyards wines :

* Iron Horse Vineyards Chardonnay (unoaked) 2006
* Iron Horse Vineyards Pinot Noir 2007
* Iron Horse Vineyards Wedding Cuvee 2006
* Iron Horse Vineyards Russian River Cuvee 2003

Being partial to Pinot Noir, PIWC found the 2007 a very Burgundian in style. This wine would pair well with a great Salmon dish.

Let's Back Up A Minute- A New Social Media Market?

Twitter Taste Live. Yet another way to use Twitter, and what better way to express your passion about wine than by taking part in a new twist on the traditional wine tasting party. Oenophiles from around the globe can now participate in tastings with either a couple of stokes of the keyboard or mobile device using their Twitter applications. It’s virtual and better than taking out your notebook and scratching out tasting notes. Sit back, relax, tweet and watch the magic of viral marketing take place. Retailers, wine distributors, wine bloggers and just regular old winos can now connect globally through the magic of technology.

How does an on line wine tasting work? And how do you find one?

Twitter Tate Live is the ground breaking format launched by Bin Ends wine retailers. The Twitter Taste Live series is a now a recurring event. Taking part in an event is simple. Register and create an account at Twitter Live and you’ll be told about the wines and where to locate them. Fellow tweepers then get together for a fun evening of wine talk. Grab a laptop or other mobile device with Twitter apps and enjoy.

Where can I find a Twitter Taste Live Event? It’s easy. Just search- hashtag #TTL (Twitter Taste Live) using one of your Twitter apps and away you go. Find a wine tasting you enjoy, go find the wine and follow along at

This can only be done on the internet browser twitter account, not the Tweet Deck. You will see a box with the magnifying glass search engine, put the hashtag (#) there and hit enter on your keyboard.

Now if you have not launched a Tweet Deck onto your computer, go get one. There are free, and it helps you monitor and manage your Twitter Account!

Now go check out this weeks Partners In Wine Calendar!