Thursday, April 15, 2010

Are You A Happy Cook? Food Inc.

Are we grateful that in such a busy world many of us out there still spend 70 percent of our time cooking our own meals? I know I am. I could cook 100 percent if hubby is not traveling on business so much lately.

Still a happy cook there has been food and wine writing in the past week, attending classes, teaching, hubby travels more often than none lately, and I was invited to a pot luck with other food blogs near the south shore this past weekend, and with a deadline today. Seems as though there may be much more 'class room' style observance posts going up here, so I was glad to cook some for this gather.

Not much fussy cooking goes on in my own house when hubby is gone, however this past weekend it would mean he would land, and I get to cook my little heart out. Hubby gave me the biggest compliment recently saying to someone who asked if he felt lucky to have a chef for a wife. He said "Yes, I look forward to coming home and having her make so many great dishes". I feel lucky about many things, and one of them is him and the fact we live in such a great locavore's area.

John @ John and Lisa Eating In South Jersey (both on right above) mentioned at a pot luck how lucky we are to live in a state that has so many opportunities with the organic, grass feed meat farms, and other fresh available food. Making that transition from Texas to St. Louis, and then to New Jersey for me was an easy jump, because of this very reason.

An invitation to a Jersey Food Blog Pot Luck orchestrated by POV- We are the lucky ones!

A group of foodies in a house together with their own homemade goodies made from local and sustainable farming communities is a great way to spend the day. If you get a chance to have a pot luck through the Food Inc promoters, and then watch the documentary (on PBS April 21st, and online after that), please do.

If this film does not make you think about where your food comes from, then I cannot imagine any other thing would grab and shake you. A combination of educating ourselves via books, articles, word of mouth, and the great market classes out there can keep us all in check, and we need to be held accountable!

You know me and my Partner In Wine Club side kick Adrienne Turner right, well of course, I turned her on to one of the best New Jersey wineries in the state, Amalthea Vineyards. Two Chardonnays- One bottle was oaked, the other not; among two reds she brought, to add the element of sustainable 'food and drink' to the 'Pot Luck' table.

Everyone discussed the food and wine aspects of eating- John's Clam Pie, my Balela Cakes, Buffalo Chorizo, Balela Tabbouleh (all seen above), asparagus with a hot wasabi dip, deviled eggs, and more!

A double YUM on the great food, sharing great conversation, and a thank you goes out to Food Inc for suggesting the gathering.This was a long overdue reunion for this intense group of who's who in the world of New Jersey foodies (as follows)-

A Food Coma- Alex
Jersey Bites- Deborah Smith
Caviar and Codfish- Robin
New Brunswick Wine Examiner- Adrienne Turner

I also want to thank Deborah Smith of New Jersey Bites for her hard work, and opening up her house for various events. Her work on the website has led to so many great things, oh and John, that clam pie you perfected was the bomb! Lisa you get kudos for marrying him, having those beautiful kids, and swapping out little wiggly 'E'!

Here is what food blogs do when they get around food!

Disclaimer- Nothing was given/taken in exchange except the opportunity to view the Food Inc. video. However I must also explain that the first thirty minutes of this video may be hard for young children to watch, and make sure you have fully eaten your meal before beginning. The film is very explicit in showing what conditions take place in unhealthy farming conditions. Otherwise, well recommended and a good educational video!