Friday, April 2, 2010

Taste Of Kentucky Derby Party- Blog/Tweet & Sweet!

Another use of my Mineolla Oranges- Fig, Cranberry, Orange, Pistachio, Pecan, and Grand Marnier soaked Fruit Cakes. I sent out out some for care packages, and have heard back from a few how good they were...

Other 'Sweet' things to come...

Spread the word- Its official 'Taste of Kentucky Derby Party' is on!

You may take this post and share it, we will be tweeting with (I also will be sharing a 'How to' post soon for those who want to learn more about using Twitter, and the benefits of Social Media:

Tampa Florida
Boston, Mass- Fearless In Beantown
Indianapolis, IN
Princeton, NJ- Tre Piani, Tre Bar, Forrestal Village, Route 1 South, 7 PM
New York, New York
Little Rock, Arkansas
(some locations still undetermined) 

Many thanks go to a really cool friend of mine-

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