Saturday, January 24, 2009

Biscuits and a Lobster Tail

...that keeps a chef happy! One cold winter and lonely day a chef found out her hubby was not coming into town like planned, so she decided to reveal a lobster dream that just might keep her company and teach that hubby a lesson...

This story really begins with the tale of a chef's husband who loves his mothers Chicken Fricassee (she makes it for him every visit), and the chef who longs to eat out, but has to watch her calories. There was a time when her and her little sister in Texas would crave Cheddar Biscuits from a restaurant chain that will not be mentioned in this blog, but making biscuits was not new to her...she came from a long line of southern biscuit queens who made them almost daily.

Chef thought and thought one day, and said fricassee-hickassee...there are so many chicken with cream and veggie recipes out their, but their was one she had not ever made, but had once in a hospital she worked as a dietitian's assistant...Chicken Ala King!

Then it all came together with her usual twist...Lobster Ala King...the hubby really liked the idea, but hey, he is away and this chef is hungry! So she decided to include a biscuit recipe from a fellow friend, and found that The Hungry Mousse posted a blog about making some yummy looking buttermilk biscuits, so I decided to make her recipe for this blog, but add a little cheddar to the recipe.

You make the biscuits first, and then let them set aside and cool...

I *heart* chipollini/cipolini onions for this recipe, because it called out to me...along with some small diced carrots, mushrooms, peas, seasonings, and heavy cream. After you use the tail to make a stock you will saute the trio of veggies in a little white truffle oil; then add lobster broth-reduce; add cream, and peas. Thicken with some Quinoa flour and pour over biscuits.

The broth was very rich, and the lobster just cooked enough, and still succulent!

This was my portion...hubby gets scraps when he comes home...