Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Work & Celebration Today

I am about to go to my personal chef job, taping the presidential inauguration, hosting my open mic tonight, and just, well totally excited about today!

The cutie who is named partially after my father, and 21 years old is starting his first day of college! We talked last night and I actually (oh really) started crying, and he told me he was excited, and a little nervous. He is taking his basics at Washington University...and is the second, after me to attend college in my family, and hopefully graduate with a bachelor degree...

My son also shared that he had meet a girl, and invited her to dinner (he cooks and works as a cook/butcher), but she brought a friend who...flirted with him, and he felt odd with the whole situation. I told him that if he went with both of them, then he would have neither, and that he needed to be careful. We all now the wrath of women scorned right! He said that he talked to the original girl and that she was seeing someone, and her friend wanted to go out with him. Whats up with that? None of my friends ever passed off a guy to me... He said that he decided not to go out with the friend because she was just not interesting enough to him, but the original girl called him just before we talked and said that she admired him, and she kind of wished she was available, because the guy she is going out with is just not like my baby...ambitious and a hard worker...this mom just smiled...although believe me I am not dumb, he is a guy and has not been an angel!

I try and get him to come on here and blog like a journal, but instead he made a comment on myspace.com after we talked last night. He was defending his unclean apartment when I went for a visit, and also shared this...

"yeah mom you totally explain alot about your trip here ha ha. again sorry about the mess when you arrived the mr.clean bottle was almost gone ha ha.
well tomorrow is my first day of college, im not scared im excited!!!!!! call you later tomorrow love you!

your son that will make you proud,
aaron glen dillion"

I will cut him some slack, and it gave me something to do while I was hanging around while he worked. I have been waiting for this day, and am celebrating two great events while I cook my little heart out...