Saturday, January 3, 2009

CookAppeal Cafe

One of my cooking students sent me these pics that she had taken during one of my 'Sushi' classes in the cafe. I was renting space in Ewing, NJ inside of a health food store, and unfortunately due to the economy they had to shut down and move else where.

I did not want to rent the entire store front, and decided it was time to focus on my real passion, writing and my artwork. There are many facets of 'CookAppeal, LLC' and it keeps me busy, but I do miss the hustle and bustle life of a short order cook!

Chef E is prepping...Mise en Place...

...Sushi 101...California rolls here I da do da...Maki da day!

Kathy is demonstrating Mango Sticky Rice

Curiosity, and they did not want to get their delicate hands dirty....

I promise I will not quit the day job to become a father already warned me about that one!