Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Pot of Gold

This reminds me of a bar of gold...right out of the leprechauns pot at the end of the rainbow...and if you saw one of those silly movies where he is running around saying "Wheres me gold"; then you know I am locking the windows and doors right now!

Have you ever done an olive oil tasting? They are great to participate in when you attend food industry trade events, and now and then you will see it as part of a wine tasting convention...well there is a butter tasting event going on in my house right now! Yep, I picked up some French, Irish, and Amish butter that will sit along side my own organic unsalted variety.

Unfortunately I also bought this butter before before I got my test results back from some stomach issues, and it is what we all are afraid to hear 'Low Fat' diet, and eat more greens! The darker the greens the better they are for you. I am certified in nutrition and know what kind of food I should be eating. I gave up dairy products, and mostly cook with infused olive oils, and love to squeeze that lemon on most all of my dishes, but apparently not enough changes over the past few months. My love for 'Whiskey' and good scotch has come to a screeching halt! My liver enzymes were 'slightly' elevated, but that means it is not too late to start loosing weight and pour the drink down the...wait a minute...I will compromise, and only cook with it...along with my lovely bricks of 'Around The World' butter that will sit and wait for a recipe designed just for them...