Friday, January 2, 2009


No this is not one of my silly rants...this is for Darn Girl...she inquired about eating 'Raw', and I have decided to share some information...and a few 'I have eaten raw' combination's and recipes with whom would like to know...

Raw describes a material that is in its natural unprocessed form, or has not had the final stages of processing. For example, raw food refers to food that has not been cooked, and raw silk is the term for unprocessed silk. Raw also has symbolic meaning. See Claude Lévi-Strauss's The Raw and the Cooked.

There is a lot of good reading out there on the subject and I found a website that lists ten good reasons to eat raw...the last 6-10 to me were the most important with out writing a book here. Cooking Raw does exist, but requires a dehydrator and heat of 110-180 (still debates out there) degrees at the most.

I made Sprouted Munng/Moong Beans the other day which is a raw food that is eaten in the Asian Indian culture, and I have been eating them with many things...I added them to my New Years Blackeyed Peas...I had them on a mixed green salad...and then got really weird and ate them mixed with chopped tomatoes, chilies, and with a few warmed dolmas...they were pretty tasty!

I am going to revisit some of my CookAppeal Cafe- Simply Natural Living Health Food Store recipes and start posting them...seems like this is the time of year for healing and cleansing!