Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fingers Crossed & Resolutions

My first thought was when I read Dee @ Texas to Mexico blog, that weren't the holidays enough of a challenge for us all? She was tagged by someone and then passed it on to a few others, me included Luck and Resolutions...she also has cool music playing while you read...

I have decided that there a few things I need to work on and a few I am crossing my fingers on...

Fingers Crossed-

1) After years of home schooling my son he is finally starting college Jan 20th in St Louis, and I know he can do it, he had me for a teacher!
2) So far so good on eating better, and losing the extra saddle bags
3) I have a friend who is going to get pregnant by February...I want a baby to spoil!


1) I will continue to learn about different cultures and their food and ingredients
2) Like Dee...speak softly and stand firm in my convictions on life lessons
3) Be more patient with myself
4) Bake more just for Alexis and Mistress

I already love so much out there that this is kind of hard for me...I find life a challenge and enjoy taking it on because it is how we grow into such wonderful loving human beings!

I have decided to pass this on to three other blogs, and then they have to choose three of their choice...the first is my dear friend here in Jersey, Gen...she and I meet once a week (well we were off for a few) and are working on learning to enlighten our minds and bodies with knowledge.

I love these two people, they have become very important in my life and growth!

The second one is Reeni, even though I do not know her very well she always tortures me with her pumpkin pie picture (which I love) and I would like to know more about her! She does visit me a lot! Her recipes photos always draw me in as if I could smell them, as well as her recipes. I look forward to following her...

Also due to work overload, I had not added a third person that I had wanted...realizing it when I got home late from the professional kitchen I wanted to apologize to her, and explain that I have taken on a bit of an Asian belief in my may notice I usually have three main ingredients showing in a photo, or somehow have it centered and the angle just a certain is because I learned that in the Asain cooking culture they will serve odd numbers and not even...I do not remember why, but I continue to do so today...

My third choice is Tangled Noodle...she will introduce ingredients to her audience that are so unique (part of her culture), and that challenges me to learn more and try and find it in the market, so I may cook with it...her site too has beautiful photos and recipes...

Thank you 'three' blogs for inspiring me...but, Tag Your It!