Friday, January 9, 2009

I scored some Caribbean Essence

A belated Christmas gift from my friend was a basket of spices from Grenada (pronounced /grɪˈneɪdə/), an island nation that includes the southern Grenadines in the southeastern Caribbean Sea. Her family went on a cruise for the holidays and brought back these baskets for us. A small one filled with small amounts of locally used seasonings atop a bed of Rum soaked Bay Leaves...

The open markets on the islands are fantastic...when I visited Puerto Rico, Aruba and Curacao years back I went nuts over the fresh produce, clothing, and endless list of gifts I bought for my kitchen. Foodie Heaven I say!

I am looking forward to using all of the contents in some future dishes like the saffron powder, and the whole nutmeg to which I have always used powder blends just for convenience, but have this small grater just waiting in the drawer. One island favorite of mine from the health food store is Jamaican Allspice. I use it in a Poached Fish Recipe along with apples that my household and friends enjoy very much.

I have already used the Bombay Blitz rub on my Cranberry/White Chocolate Bread Pudding Stuffed Pork Loin just these gifts!