Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monday & Friday Activities

'Photograph by
Romulo Yanes
, as seen on Gourmet and'

1) Mindy @ Mindy's Mouthful noticed I posted Monday Mouthful, and asked me if I minded using that. Of course I did not even realize I was using her catch phrase, so after talking we decided to open it up to other blogs through June 1st with a German-French theme.

We will list each weeks theme at the end of our 'Monday Mouthful' post. This coming Monday Mouthful post theme is 'Rustic French Meatloaf' (a recipe to follow is listed here). You may make it in any shape or form; such as a semi-homemade technique, traditional, or get as fancy as you wish along with a link to this post. You may resubmit a past post if you have one. Part of the fun will also be adding a French or German experience, along with a word from the language to get us a little more familiar with the culture. Email Chef E, moi @ with your information once you have posted, so that we can all link together on Monday.

Mindy and I will be alternating French and German recipes each week to advance our lack of cooking it in our homes. She lives on the border of France and Germany, and is moving back to the states in June, and admitted a failure to produce some of their delectable foods. I myself admit I use many of the techniques in the professional world; then only until recently have desired to revisit them at home. We both agreed our husbands would love it!

2) Any of you out there feel like you want to use that camera that is laying around... come join me at Friday Shoot Out, there are quite a few blogs you all know that are doing this with me, so if you interested go over to my other blog and see what I shot; it is a Jersey food related post, so I cheat and get two in one day!

These are not contest! Anyone who is interested does not have to participate each week, but let us know here if you want to be on 'the list', lol, sounds like an elitist-list...just a fun way to link up with each other and discover new fun food!

Oh and do not forget to pencil in your Food Art entries for Alchemist Chef, her deadline is June 1st, and I already have mine planned into a birthday surprise!