Monday, May 4, 2009

Friday Shoot Out Participants Wanted

Wanted! Friday Shoot Out Participants!

You do not need to be an outlaw to be involved in our Friday Shoot Outs! Heck you do not even have to own a gun, just a plain ole camera will do!

However! I might require you to do a shoot of whiskey if we ever meet in person...

Here are the rules!

We have a GREAT thing going here in bloggy land and please join us!! Last week's subject was "Architecture", and was posted on my TMI blog site (venting & regular stuff), and I posted pics of my current resident, Princeton, NJ.

This is YOUR personal invitation, shameless begging, or whatever it takes to get you on board with us. Patty @ Crisfield, Maryland and Reggie Girl started with friendly little shoot out to showcase our towns. We love our beautiful towns and we'd like to see yours.

This week's "Friday Shoot-Out" subject is 'Gardens', and each time you do a shoot out just post next week's subject, so we can play a little blog ping pong!

Here is the list to add to your post (do not forget me):

http://midlifeandmenapause.blogspot.comReggie @ Midlife and Menopause
Patty @ Crisfield News
Rachel @ Rachel's Ramblings
Lulu @ Serendipity LuLu
Science Girl @ Science Girl Traveler
Gigi @ Gigigriffis
J9 @ J9 and Stuff!
Gordon @ Friday Shoot Out
Chef E @ TMI

and many many more... What fun way to take a look around our world!!!

I am going to leave you with a few words from Fionna @ 'The Bantering Blonde'-

Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish. ~John Jakes

Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go. ~E. L. Doctorow

Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia. ~E.L. Doctorow