Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"A Good Wine is...

...I wanna go to Florida", Bob says jokingly of his wife Adrienne! All kidding aside, they respectfully put on a great American Wine Society, Princeton, New Jersey Chapter Wine Tasting event this past weekend!

Another rainy day, and weekend in central New Jersey; maybe the whole North East coast, not sure... Hubby and I were ready for an afternoon of hassle free tasting, education, eating, and great socializing!

The American Wine Society provide a safety net under which groups of people can privately or at restaurants learn about wine on all levels! What a great way to enter into a group who's range of knowledge varies, and there is no intimidation...

AWS Cab Tasting, 2005 -
May 4, 2009

'Each host picks the month, the place, the theme, the wines, and pairs the food for their event. Many of the wines range from $15 to $30, depending on purchases...'

'Crostini, andouille, and other nibbles awaited us as we sat down to listen to our area chapter President, Joe, talk about how wine is rated, judged, and counted in the chapters through out the country...'

'Our hosts, Bob and Adrienne have graciously opened up their home for us to share in this experience. What a wonderful site to see their son, Kraig joining in the kitchen preparation, and service for the afternoon...'

'This is the table eyes view of the note taking during the tasting, and munching...'

The American Wine Society Today-

As it was in the beginning, the American Wine Society is still an informational and educational organization. The founders defined the appreciation of domestic wines and the production of wine by home winemakers as major purposes of the Society. But today, the organization’s focus is much broader.

While the Society still emphasizes the appreciation of American wines and fosters competitions for amateur winemakers, its scope extends to educating people on all aspects of wine. Members today learn about wines from all of the world’s wine producing countries and evaluate them for their quality. Members travel in Society-sponsored trips to wine-growing regions, learn the latest in grape-growing methods, study to become certified wine judges, are knowledgeable about wine and food, and appreciate the responsible use of wine.

'This Bresaola went nicely with our Cabernet Sauvignon theme...'

'This is one of the outstanding cheeses they purchased in South Philly, The Italian Market for us to sample. You just mention this area at a table and see how you get the crowd motivated...'

Some of the 'Cheese' we sampled from South Philly Italian Market-

Cabot Aged Cheddar
Di Bruno, Parmesan
Adrahan- Creamy, but packs a lot of punch in this aromatic, semi-soft, raw milk cheese with brine washed rind with a savory, meaty flavor. From west Cork, Ireland, this cheese won a silver medal at the 1995 British Cheese Awards.

Di Bruno Brothers, South Philly Italian Market

' Six wines are tasted, not counting the bubbly...Bob shares that Adrienne organized the whole event, from wine to food, and even the final duty roster...'

'Adrienne shares the wine descriptions she has so thoughtfully researched for the group...'

'As food began to circle the table, we receive six 2 oz pours of wine to taste and rate, according to the AWS grading system'

'Sizes of the group vary on how much space a host inhabits'

'This dish of mango and cilantro salsa went well with the grilled sausages, as well as a Raspberry Chipotle sauce that was passed around the table...'

Some of the 'Grilled Sausages' we sampled-

Bratwurst & Beer
Cajun Andouille
Veal & Broccoli
Beef Chorizo (traditional Red Wine- Spain)

Di Angelo Brothers, South Philly Italian Market

'Final course- meat and mushroom ravioli with basil, and a Gorgonzola sauce AKA Adrienne's recipe! (Pasta- Di Angelo Brothers)...'

'This was a nice addition to the days event'!

'Did someone say Madeira? Adrienne did a wonderful job pairing this deep rich color spirit fortified glass with the desserts, and it was a high ranker in my books for a finish'!

'This Chocolate torte was to die for...she said Wegmans'!

'You two sure know how to make a person feel welcome'! Hubby and I have to say 'Thanks so much' for the wonderful day!!!

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When was the last time you were involved in a 'Shoot Out'?