Friday, May 29, 2009

Thank You!

First things first! Girlichef passed on an award to me recently, and its the cutest award. One of her children a few months back picked my name out of a hat to win a sample of Sea Salt. Purple sea salt at that! Hints of Merlot, and a sister who loves purple I thought I would save it for my trip to Texas, but one day I found myself with no salt in the house, and no time to stop at the market. Well, you can guess what happened. Sorry Donna! I did not use it all, but let me tell you, the baked potatoes were delish with this salt! Thanks Girlichef for both of these wonderful things you have passed on to me...

Next Ricardo @ Rico Cafe has passed on a questionnaire for some of us to answer. Rico here are my answers, and more...

Diamonds or pearls?
Give me the oysters and keep the pearl!

What is the last film you saw?
I have not gone to a movie in a long time, I read books, write, or fish...

Your favorite series?
I DVR Trueblood, Phyc, Monk, and a few others...

What kind of breakfast do you have usually?
Water and a piece of cranberry-walnut rustic bread, or gluten-free bread

Second given name?

Which kind of food can't you stand?

Favorite name (at the moment)?
E; which is short for Exciting

Which car do you drive?
Catering Van

Which trait or character don't you like?
negative people

Favorite clothes?
Any nice comfortable ones, (preferred materials, cotton and linen) Same as Rico, so I know if we visited him, and our luggage was lost; then they would have extra clothes for us, lol

If you could take the airplane to go somewhere, where would you go?
Brazil. -I am there Rico; when are we going?

Where would you want to live when you are retired?
Where my grand kids are one day!

Which birthday do you remember the most?
Two more years I will be fifty, so start planning my party ya'll!

Your birthday?
June 16th

If you were a color, which one would you be?
Burnt Orange

Chocolate or vanilla?
depends on what the dessert is!

Coffee or tea?
Irish Coffee

The last person you had on the phone?
My sweetie, no car repair; sweetie soon...

Sweet or savory?
both...can't choose really. -I think they go well together!

The day of the week you prefer?
The day I get to cook...

Now we are suppose to pass it on, so I am passing it on too...

Tangle Noodle
Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen
Reggie Girl

and Rico, because sometimes a man just has to try one of for size and support now and then!

Everybody have a great weekend, and thanks for all of you that follow me...and go check out all the other great blogs out there! I have to ask someone to forgive me out there...I had an another award passed to me, but I get busy and forget, so sorry if I have forgotten someone! -Elizabeth