Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Off The Boat!

My main character of this themed meal is Cuban black beans. The scallops, blue corn, and fried plantain chips, as well as pureed tomatillo-cilantro cream are just the supporting cast of this show boat. After work on a Saturday my friend Gen and I went to eat at a very popular local diner. I noticed under 'Specials' they had Cuban black beans. Ordering enough to take home and feed hubby I noticed at first taste they were the best of the lot. Even the following day for brunch, they were still rockin' my hunger boat!

I had to duplicate the flavor. How long had I eaten in a good Cuban, or Puerto Rican restaurant? I knew this recipe had to be carefully watched. Simmering all afternoon in bacon, cumin, paprika, chili powder, garlic, onions, tomato pieces, and finished off with a splash of red wine vinegar, my goal was accomplished. These little babies were doing the rumba across my palate.

The day scallops I picked up at a local fish market were seared in a cilantro oil, and some black bean juice; then taking a tomatillo, pureeing it with some cilantro, onion, and cream helped kick this boat around the oceanic foodie plate. I hope you took your 'Drama'mine!

Black Bean History-

Black beans is thought to have originated in southern Mexico and Central America over 7,000 years ago, and have long been a protein-rich staple food of many Latin cultures.

Black beans, botanically-known as Phaseolus vulgaris, are native to the Americas. One of over 500 varieties of kidney beans, black beans are also known as turtle beans, caviar criollo, and frijoles negros. Today, black beans are enjoyed by most cultures around the world.

'I decided to make Black Bean cakes and fritters. Anything fried taste good, right? Not as healthy but darn tasty. Feel free to play a Marc Anthony CD in the back ground as you swing your hips during the cooking process, as it adds flava to the experience...'

Black Bean Cakes-

Soak a package of dried black beans, and then cook them according to a Cuban Black Bean recipe of your choice; then take 3 cups drained beans, 1/2 cup or more bean juice, 1 cup blue corn flour, 1/2 cup plantain chips (crushed, and save a few for garnish if you dare!), 2 eggs, and mix well. Drop into hot oil until brown, and flip- repeat. Drain on paper towels till ready to serve. Great dipped in the tomatillo-cilantro cream while you are waiting for the spouse to arrive home for supper...

My last post for the week, as I am working solid the next few days...'Friday Shoot Out' is over at my other site...so come check out 'The Garden State' photos I shot...