Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Packages, packages, packages have arrived!

bubbles, bubbles, toil and trouble...

Or should I say "Its Alive...Its Alive"...maybe we will just stick to the facts...Joie de vivre @ An amateur gourmet's guide described watching her sourdough starter like your baby...

Mine began growing only two hours after I added the 4 oz of whole wheat flour to 4 oz of water, and my loving environment must have been just what this baby needed, cause it has grown more than twice its size since Saturday!

Joie de vivre its here!

She told me that someone had given her this book full of authentic recipes, and we decided to do a duo Ethiopian blog later next month; once my above starter and Teff flour become romantic in a few weeks to create injera...she already made a recipe from her copy...Birz

I ordered this and two other books with history and some of my favorite kinds of recipes...new fusion ideas...yep that is what I and my food are...fusion...just like Frankenstein the monster!

Terri Stelling you are the best!

Yes, when I married my sweetie two years ago (I also married his mother), and we started dating nine years before that, I was embraced by his mother and we both share a love for cooking and cookbooks. She knows I love orange-red colors, so I got a bag full of new dishes from Pier One from her...lots of new photo props!

Guess what I am holding?

When I had my cafe in the health food store in Ewing, NJ, I had the luxury of procuring ingredients for their shelves and my cafe...I discovered quinoa flour, as you all see in many of my blogs using it for pizza crust, doughnuts, tortillas, and that fabulous beer batter! I could not find it anywhere, and finally got my way into getting a health food store near me to order it and I would take what ever they could get...50 lbs, but they split it with me, so I am holding 25 lbs of "precious...got to have...precious"...

If you cannot find it in a health food store near you...try batting your eyelashes at the store buyer...or you can make it by soaking quinoa...rinse it, then soak overnight and make it into a batter in the blender, but it will not keep long in that form, so I opt for the flour and a dark closet...

Can you imagine if I had the biggest mixing bowl in the world for this much flour, or the local water fountain in town center, and a really bad heat wave...I could feed all of NJ with my crazy quinoa concoctions!