Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Peanut Butter Boy meets Hotzilla

Please no comments on how I have been stuffing these a lot lately...heat is my only vice that is allowed, so I might be stuffing more in the future!

The Myth:

Once upon a time in a faraway town down south clouds were brewing up electrical storms that the townspeople had never witnessed before. The storm seemed as if it was particularly over one area where a peanut butter factory was located. Soon the vats of peanut buttery goodness began to hiss and moan, and up out of the goo arose a ten story buttery blob that was beginning to take shape. First the body formed, and then it had arms and legs... The workers ran as it suddenly began to move about and escaped from the factory slinging peanut butter all in its path, and became known as...'Peanut Butter Boy'.

On the other side of town in a chili factory a woman was telling of the peanut butter horror story, and as one of the chili plant workers was listening he began to lean on the lever that turned up the speed of the machine belt. They tried to stop it, but no one could shut it down. Hundreds, thousands of chilies began to move into the machine so fast that it went crazy. As if it had a mind of its own, and the workers just stood and stared as it to began to shoot out liquid green onto the floor of the plan. The pile began to form into one gigantic jalapeno shaped monster 'Hotzilla' came to be known. Seeming to not want to hurt the workers; it walked out of the plant as if on a mission to find its opponent that was raking havoc on the town.

As many towns people watched from their windows, cars, and rooftops they saw the two gigantic creatures come together. They did not know what to think of the two as they began to battle. Was peanut butter the enemy, or the jalapeno? No one knew the answers, but chefs wished they could get ingredients in such a huge amount. Some thought about sneaking up behind and swiping some of their yummy goodness, but no one dared to try.

The two battled for days as the Peanut Butter Boy left signs of his presence all about, and eventually they began to fight high above the ground on some electrical tower. Just above an oil plant. Once again the storm and electrical clouds began to move over them sending down charges of great power, as if the interfere in their battle. Just as Peanut Butter Boy was about to strike and send his peanut gooey goodness towards Hotzilla's way to send him to the hard ground...but then Hotzilla opened up and with a great inhale he began to suck all of the peanut butter into his belly, and save the town once and for all...

As he did suck in every last bit of the Peanut Butter Boy's existence, a great lightening bolt hit the tower and sent Hotzilla whirling down right on top of the oil factory and through its roof. He landed into a huge vat of batter and broke into a million small chilies, and the machine began to send them all on a belt into the hot oil room to be fried. Many of the oil plant workers watched in amazement as the jalapeno poppers came out of the oil a nice golden brown, and were relieved that the doom that shadowed over their town was finally gone.

This is how all new creations begin, by two oddly likable ingredients make their way into our imagination!

The Real Story:

Seriously, I was doing some reading on Mexico and chilies finding this tid bit about how they like to eat Peanut Butter Stuffed Jalapeno's, so I thought I would try it out for you, and on my friend Gen who is coming over...

1 Jar pickled Jalapeno's, or fresh jalapeno's dropped in boiling water that is removed from heat and then sit for 20 minutes or so; clean out seeds and membranes)
1 Jar of Smooth Peanut Butter

Beer Batter Recipe Here

Mix 1 cup of quinoa flour, beer, and rice milk until you get a nice batter mixture. Slit the jalapeno's down the side a bit, drain on paper towel and then begin to stuff each one with peanut butter. Dip into the batter and drop into a medium high pan of oil and brown. Bon Appetite.

Also here is an amusing diddy I found out there surfing the web...

Oh my Mama, ain't that Texas cookin' somethin'
Oh my Mama, it stops your belly and backbone from bumpin'
Oh my Mama, ain't that Texas cookin' good
Oh my Mama, I'd eat it every day if I could

~ Guy Clark, Texas singer and songwriter

Oddly enough we liked them (my beer batter), and I will admit it was the first time I steamed them this way in the hot water, was a thought be we did like the texture and less heat from keeping them in their raw form before stuffing...I am not a big fan of peanut butter, but my hubby and friend Gen do and they went crossed eyed when I produced them, but hey Peanut Butter Boy was better off giving in to Hotzilla...