Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Truffle Marinated Tofu-Feta Cheese

I am so excited about my new discovery...I forgot about some feta cheese I had sitting in the fridge right? Well I have to cut back on the dairy for a while, but I do not want to waste this milky sheep and goats milk delight!

Wanting to make some kind of Greek Salad that would include this, I began to realize a little more protein would not hurt. I could either go out AGAIN to the grocery and pick up chickpeas, or use what I have here in the house.

Take firm tofu and crumble (mushing) it up with the feta...add truffle oil, oregano leaves, and a pinch of garlic powder all in a jar for a few days.

Another Thought: Take firm tofu and crumble it up; set aside. Warm some truffle oil or regular oil in a sauce pan, place Greek herbs in oil and remove from heat. Let sit over night, or a few hours and then pour over tofu and seal in a jar for a few days if you want a totally vegan recipe.

This is a keeper!