Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pizza Wraps GF, and cherised wraps...

Do you have a favorite Valentines gift you have gotten over the know one that really pulled your heart strings...

I have received many from my kids when they were little, but one that cherish so much and even keep it in plastic like our grandmothers did their formal living room furniture years daughter hand stitched a pot holder for me in school...I will always treasure this, and found it while cleaning out closets and storage...this pot holder was meant to 'wrap' around a hot pan so that her mommy would not burn herself!

The second was from my hubby who got me a Movado watch...I cried, because no romantic partner ever bought me a gift like that before, and too because I wear an 8" bracelet (yeah big boned) and I knew I could not shut the clasp...laugh if you will, but I had to go spend $40 on my valentine gift to make it fit...

That is why when I cook for him, my children, and others over the years I put so much love into making them good, healthy and tasty dishes...Thanks to them I am the chef I am today!

So on to the new creations...Pizza Wraps...Most gluten free bread, tortillas, or chip recipes call for a large quantity of ingredients of each- cornstarch, tapioca flour, potato starch flour, white rice flour, and I wanted a less complicated recipe that I could whip up at a moments notice. This can also be used for making individual or 6" pizza rounds and I used Prosciutto San Danielle...

Quinoa Pizza Wraps/Crust

(Gluten free flatbread)

- 1 cup quinoa flour

-1/2 -1 tsp salt

-1 tbls psyllium husk

-1 egg

-3/4 cup water

-sauce, make sauce or store bought

-Prosciutto slices

-grated cheese

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F

Mix the salt, psyllium husk and quinoa flour together, add the egg and water gradually so that it resembles a thick porridge, wait for a couple of minutes and then spread the batter on to a baking tray lined with baking paper, I spread a little oil on pan as it holds the paper steady for you.

Bake for approximately 12 minutes, the time depends on the flour you used and also on how thick you have spread it. The thinner it gets, the faster it bakes. You must cover these and place them into either a sealed container or I placed them covered with cloth in microwave so that they steam themselves and soften to roll; otherwise they work just fine for pizza crust and cookies.

Oiled pan, spread sauce, add any ingredients desired, and slip back into hot oven to meld, and eat!

Scallion and garlic thin wraps (added ingredients before baking) will go right into microwave on paper to steam and easier to remove...use for a turkey or veggie wraps later...

Two of these six inch rounds were pretty filling...

Next 5 Star Foodie and I once again do a duo blog about our 'Sweet Tarts' I mean 'Wraps'!