Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Banana Flip

I am having a banana here is the challenge bakers...when I was a young girl in Texas they had these thrift stores, Dolly mom started buying bread and stuff there because like many others during that time...we were seven kids ( I am second youngest) and poor. My mom did bake, but I of course was the brat and did not like the usual rice pudding, custards, homemade strawberry and peach ice cream like my brothers and sisters. I really thought I was adopted, because they all ate things I just did not like! I liked chocolate and most of all BANANA flavored things like wacky taffy; while they all ate strawberry...but I have grown up...some...and will settle with a healthier version if someone can come up with one for me... mom would buy me a bag full of these pastries I absolutly loved called 'Banana Flips'. They are a round cake, somewhat like a taco...and filled with a banana cream filling; which I would always pick out the ones with the most filling sticking out, so I could use my finger and eat some before I bit into the cake.

I have googled so many places trying to find them, because someone says they have them in Florida still...Has anyone seen them? Could someone come up with a recipe for me to try and duplicate? I know, I know, artifical flavoring was the key to the cream, but I just love bananas...even Sarah Lee pulled my other favorite frozen cake off the shelf years ago...remember the three layer banana icing and cake dream (pure junk I am sure)...and I remember I would devour it frozen...who needed to wait for it to thaw?

Why can I not take on this task? Because all you fabulous bakers out there in blog land that put my stuff to shame...I am better at the appetizer and entree stuff!

Folded over like a taco, Dolly Madison Creme pies of my youth was a banana cake with creme filling with Peanut characters on them. Anybody else remember them?...I gave Mistress of Cakes a hint to help in my quest...the carrot cake I made last night just did not do the trick, because I had a fluffy Banana Flip dream last night...

Mistress of Cakes came through, but if you still want to pass on recipes that duplicate the cake in the middle back...please do!