Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mom, breakfast please?

How many kids today leave the house with out one of the most important meals for the day? When they move away to attend college you have no idea what they are eating, so when you get the chance to visit...fill the fridge and cook them up some old favorites, and I guarantee they will come home with a healthier attitude about their day!

The kid had to work a long double at the job yesterday, and again today. When arriving home he said "I do not have to be at work till 11 AM, so could you make me breakfast and let me sleep in". Of course I did, and hoped the smell of the cooking bacon, over easy eggs ranchero, and pan toast would lift him right up when the alarm went off, and it worked (in his face).

Endless mornings of him at age six coming into my room early morning on my days off and demanding that I get up because he was hungry drove me to teach him to flip his own eggs now and then. Really, to be my assistant in the kitchen so the process went a little faster. Teaching kids to cook is a good way to bond, get them to talk to you, and make them independent when they go off to college one day.

The more he helped me cook, the more he wanted it to become his profession. So at some point he cut this picture out, put it into a frame, and he still has it in the kitchen on the window cill. Tomorrow, he is cooking for me...

Blogging from St Louis -Chef E