Thursday, December 11, 2008

Top Chef Reviewed- Bridal New and the Blue's

I say thumbs down to someone who knows how to make rice and screws it up royaly...well, actually I admit that I should be thrown out of my son's, I volunteer to take the walk of shame...after Danny leaves the building, of course...Why? because I was not inspired creativly like I am normally and did not go over the top for my son's friends like I would have on the job...I threw together a one pan comfort food (anybody could have made this), but I did make whiskey, wait...can I stay for one more shot?

Okay on with the real Top Chef show...Man! again more people should have been tossed off of the show...Carla, Eugene, and Daniel...what where you doing? The 'Blue' team barely scathed by too...and this was just basically another catering challenge, with a theme like most catering jobs are...check out 'Foodie In Disguise' blog, he must have done his right after watching, and is very organized in what went on(details)...not like me who waited until the next morning!

I have thought about it, and thought about it...these guys must only have one position they work each day on the regular job...because they seem to lack experience of being able to cook outside their norm??? Serious Chefs should go out there and work in many areas of the culinary world in order to gain experience through mistake and example of for more than a few people on the line and cooking for 45 does take good timing and thought...I am still not impressed with any one person...I said Jeff last week, but even he did not shine this all seems pure luck so far...and why do they all lack the skill of explaining why and what they were really trying to pull off?

Tom Colicchio's blog today said a few important things- Part of my role, aside from judging, is to help the cheftestants become better chefs...and they do not see what goes on until the season has been filmed...otherwise the judges taste the food...

...he is definitly good and can pick up on mistakes in dishes the minute they are set down in front of him!