Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Two Weeks of Top Chef Reviewed

For some reason this woman gets on my smallest of nerves!!!

I am leaving for St Louis to visit my son in the morning and decided since I had to pack and missed last weeks show, and I would watch two in a row...this would be a good night to drag out all of my winter and summer clothes and sort through them...throwing any unwanted items at the TV when I was mad...a pile which would go right into the give away pile for a charity!

Last Week-! That was a catering catastrophe...well the ones who just threw food together to do it? Having years of experience in good dish is better than three is a 'cooking' competition, so listen to what the challenge is...the one who left deserved it with that fallen foam, and simple as that! DashOfStash (Micheal) said it also, it was misleading that the Foofighters were judging...I feel this seasons show is a little on the way they are judging...and I have a feeling the next show will be just as wish washy...

This Week- Okay, now I am remembering why I have a hard time watching these things...I have been in cooking competitions before, once the top four, and it is difficult to do this under so much pressure...think about it...when we cook at home or even in a have things prepared...timed out...and if you miss something (good customers and family will notice) one is there to bust you for it...but the guy who went, deserved that one...what was he thinking...creme brulee is a day before set up...even a non-professional would know that...

My opinion on who might win this...Jeff might have a chance...he seems to be the most experienced and calm one...but lets hope he learned from last week his failure to realize he took on too much to try and give his group the edge last week, and he did not know a bunch of wimpy women on TV would be judging his dish; which I thought was better than the other two.

Tom Coliccio says (from the website)- It's amusing to me how so many of our cheftestants said, in response to this week's Elimination Challenge, that they did not want to "do TV" in their careers as chefs ... while they're doing TV to advance their careers...Ha, that was a funny one, and I am sorry who hasn't pretended or thought about being famous if we are serious about our passion in cooking...we are rock stars in our own kitchens!

Have a good weekend, and I will be blogging from St Louis in my son's kitchen next Monday -Chef E