Thursday, December 18, 2008

Natural Sweeteners (borrowed picture from this website...great blog and go learn about the process!)

I posted this recipe below before I left MO a few days ago (Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie) and noticed no one has even checked it out??? Could it be because we are burnt out on pumpkin? Maybe no one wants to eat healthy? Or is it because the word 'Sugar Free' sounds like it might not be tasty?

I Re-post, but I never Re-gift...

Well...I decided to share with you that so many of us out there are over weight, or are suffering from diabetes like my friends husband, and that I have been using organic and natural sweeteners like Maple Syrup for me and clients for many years now and they love it! The holidays are when we over indulge on eating, and it does not hurt to cut back in a few places...So think of it this way...substitute some natural things in your recipes at least once, and let your taste buds get used to the natural sweeteners!

While visiting a friend, I was asked to teach her how to make a few of my easy pie recipes. When I bake pumpkin or sweet potato I usually use Maple Sugar, but then found out her husband was diabetic, so I went sugar free on this one. I asked her if she had any maple syrup and she hands me what I thought was 'plain' honey, but it was made with Stivia...I think it taste fine, but I guess the jury is out on what it might do to us in ten years, LOL

Wes was happy that he could eat some, and Rhonda loved the fact they were so easy to make and tasted good!

Pumpkin Pie

1 Can Libbey's Pumpkin Puree
2 Eggs
2 T Pumpkin Spice
1/2 pint Heavy Cream
1/2 cup Honey Tree's Sugar Imitation Honey (Stevia), or 1/2 cup Maple Syrup

Blend well and place in 9" pie crust and bake 50 minutes

Optional: Top with sugar free whip topping