Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fisherman's Pie

Now think about how cold we are with the snow and 10 mile an hour winds blowing right through our winter coats...and then think about the guys out on the boat catching us that fresh fish we love to cook with so much...well I decided to take my heritage 'Shepard's Pie' and dedicate it to those who would love a hot dish like this for their supper!

Now let me deconstruct this whole idea for a prettier presentation...

Ingredients are as follows-

Wild Caught Salmon Fillets- marinated in lemon and chive oil
Pie Crust for bottoms
2 XLarge Sweet Potatoes- cubed, boiled, 2 eggs, cream, chipotles, and brown sugar
Chipotles in Adobe
Collard Greens- sauted in onion, garlic, paprika and cream added