Sunday, November 23, 2008

Chenin Blanc- South African Wine

The label reads 'The Hands That Work The Soil Feed The Soul', and is an excellent value...this wine should be drunk young and with its versatility it will go with most fish, Malay curries, chicken and Pacific Rim dishes.

Our bottle was slightly sweet and also went well with my pear ice cream dessert. Other dishes paired with it were Curried Tofu Mushroom bites ~ Drunken Shrimp Masa Boats, Veggie Empanadas, and some left over White Yam Stew.

I recommend this wine to those of you who do not like dry whites, and want it a little on the sweet get you away from always drinking Chardonnay!

Fairvalley, 2008 Chenin Blanc- South Africa
Tasting Notes: Color: Pale straw with a greenish tint. Aromas: Green apple, lime, melon and grass. The body is very light, and the citrusy green apple flavors finish quickly and cleanly.

Closure: Screw cap.

Excellent value ($8).
Rich & ripe – slightly sweet(between 9 and 30 g/ℓ residual sugar)