Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Admitting they are ugly, and most people do not like them because they say its too slimy...this baby is from my adopted sister Donna Kay's fathers garden, and she shipped me some fresh ones this week...and I will share a secret on cooking them minus the 'slimy' part!

This southern girl and cook loves her okra...whole, sliced, diced, and fried! Give 'em up anyway you can. I grew up with a taste for tomatoes as well. My grandmother grew them, along with okra, concord grapes (on the back property fence), and many other wonderful things. I do not fry okra, or green tomatoes as often today as my family did, but I still love them.

'Okra & Tomatoes' rock my boat...clean; pat dry...cut into small pieces...

.medium chop a large red onion...heat some oil in medium size soup pot...this shallow fry will start popping...

...add okra and turn up to high...and start to brown the two...

...add about two tablespoons of the one on the left, Tava Fry, or your own, minced garlic, coriander, turmeric, and madras curry powder...stir...add tomatoes, veggie stock...and simmer for half an hour or so...if you like it spicier...add more curry!

Bhindi- A taste of North India

Working in a few ethnic restaurants I leaned they too had a dish similar to my southern favorite that exploded my taste buds...Bhindi...Indian cooks and menus describe it as stuffed okra, but when I first saw it prepared it was not really stuffed, just pan sauted then seasonings and tomatoes added. I have seen pictures of large ones actually stuffed and shallow fried.

Ummmmmmmm one of my favorite comfort foods from my childhood, only with a fusion twist...Check out the next three blogs for scallops, chorizo, and marmalade and see what my cooking class students have been up too!

NOTE: Beer goes well with this dish; I like Blue Moon, or something on the dry/sweet side like a Riesling or Gewurztraminer to compliment the spice.

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