Friday, November 14, 2008

Foodie Road Trip- Arlington, Virginia

Planning stages-

This trip all began with my romantic ideals of introducing an Italian poet friend of mine, Pasquale, to another dear Italian friend Valerie. Both widowed over five years, and full of passion for food, wine, and poetry (not to mention dancing) like myself.

I normally have vowed off match making after eleven years ago trying to set up my R with numerous clients, but none would trust me. He was well to do, like food and wine, and liked to go dancing (they forget to tell you 'husbands don't dance'). Soon I realized I was giving away something I really wanted for myself, and grabbed him right up! Then I said no more, that is until these two...

Food, wine, love,'s all relevant!

Her and I are driving down together to meet him. The reason? Pasquale is getting a medal for his service in the Coast Guard, and its his treat for us to meet him there. We are hired arm candy, I love it! I also just happen to have a meeting with a group of chefs that plan cooking challenges for our organization for the new year, so it all worked out. Our plans are to stay at the Holiday Inn, Roslyn, in Arlington VA, and have been recommended by several people to visit places and to eat our way through old town Alexandria area. I put out a foodbuzz forum for any recommendations, and am still open to suggestions if you read this post.

Well I have to go pack, and with this weather...what am I going to wear???

Tune in for for Foodie Road Trip- Virginia, We're here...