Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chorizo Dumplings/Pot Stickers

I have a birthday party to cater on Sunday, and she uses me often, so I know I have creative control on the food and theme. This is a two in the afternoon event, so mostly appetizers are wanted. Putting on my thinking cap, in this case my La Toque, and I remember in the commercial fridge I have many packages of wonton and egg roll wrappers left from another party.

I looked through some of my Thai and appetizer books to get some ideas, and remember that I have vegan and buffalo chorizo my class made last week. Stopping off at the market yesterday I picked up some more Chinese cabbage (Napa) and carrots. I grate some carrots and cabbage; then soak them in rice wine vinegar over night. Roll the chorizo into 1/2 inch little balls, cover them and put into fridge over night.

I take some of the cabbage mixture and put into my food processor with an egg, and some of the vegetarian chorizo to bind it more; then roll that into 1/2 inch little balls, and place into fridge overnight.

Vegan: Use some flour of choice and a few drops of water to bind this mixture; you will have to wait and pick up a pinch when you are ready to place in wrapper.

Place wax paper on the counter and sprinkle flour over the top; then place as many wonton wrappers across; filling each one with the 1/2 inch balls of chorizo mixture; dip fingers into water or egg wash and run across three edges and pinch them together. Once you get going it goes quickly. Place them on sheet pan with flour, so if they touch they will not stick together in air tight container and place in freezer. Keeps up to one month. -Thaw slightly and steam dumplings or pan fry to make pot-stickers when ready to eat

Drain rice wine vinegar from cabbage and carrot mixture and adding vegetarian chorizo if desired; roll in wrappers and shallow fry. I usually make small ones like Lumpias, and place flour all around well as to not stick. Cook immediately straight from freezer.

All those tea bag saucers come in handy when I need to do my food styling!